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Easy Reach Stationers and Bookshop is an amalgamation of people with vast experience in the book trade industry. There was a demand driven and pioneered by the existing company. The need necessitated the conglomeration of expertise, experience and resources so as to maximize service value to the descending clientele in the book trade Industry, stationery industry, rubber stamp manufacturing industry as well as the printing industry.

In 1998 Easy Reach was founded and self-funded by the co-founders. Sole objective of providing intergraded stationery, book trade, printing and rubber stamp manufacturing was to provide solutions to the clients at a locally, provisionally and national levels. The collective expertise of the co-founders together with the projected acquired expertise of elevate easy reach to high profile service. The stationery, book trade, rubber stamp manufacturing and printing are one of the fastest growing industries in South Africa with an estimated growth of +- 40% per annum.

The industrial growth excluded the blacks entrepreneurs in the past and despite the fact the industry employed a lot of people from disadvantaged communities and was reliant on this labour market for success. The co-founders pride themselves of tier achievement to date which were inspired by the desire to succeed and demonstrate capacity to provide service excellence



  • Provide high quality service timeously at reasonable cost
  • Management accessibility to client at all reasonable times
  • Innovation, creativity, value adding and excellence

All our conduct and operation are guided by these principles

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